Jasmine rice is a rice variety that originated in Thailand. The identity has a scent that smells like jasmine. The rice grains are clear, tough, soft, easy to cook, and rich in many health benefits.

Red jasmine rice is steamed rice that can be planted once a year. dark reddish brown When cooked it will be soft. It cooks in a pot and gives it a texture that resembles jasmine rice. have low sugar levels Helps to control weight or control blood sugar levels. Including helping to nourish the skin and beauty. slow down aging.

Black Rice is an ancient rice strain of Thailand. The long slender grain of rice is dark purple until black, so it is called Sinin rice. The black color of Hom Nin rice is caused by anthocyanin substances that help in blood circulation. Helps keep the heart healthy. Including controlling blood sugar levels well as well at.

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